Homeschooling in Georgia
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Georgia Homeschooling

Georgia is full of great resources for new and veteran homeschoolers alike. We've compiled the best information, resources, ideas, and support options for you as you travel down the path of homeschooling. Check out these great starting points:

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To waken interest and kindle enthusiasm is the sure way to teach easily and successfully.
Tyron Edwards    

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Chalk Dust Company
Chalk Dust Company offers mathematics instruction on videotape to homeschooled students and a variety of other users. Textbooks used in Chalk Dust programs are published by Houghton Mifflin Company and most are authored by Ron Larson. Offers solutions guides and personal help when needed via telephone or the internet, providing a comprehensive and effective distance-learning environment.
K12 Large Families
This group is for large families using the K-12 curriculum created by Dr. William Bennett. Both homeschooling families and Virtual School families are welcome. It is particularly intended for families with more than 3 children in K-12 as well as additional teens, toddlers and babies. Discussions include both the curriculum and the challenges of implementing it in a large family.
IXL Math Curriculum
IXL provides comprehensive math practice for K-12.
Starting A Homeschool Group
Lee Wirebaugh
Some basic tips for starting a homeschool support group. This article has three parts--be sure to continue on to each part. The first part focuses specifically on how to find other interested parents. Part two discusses how to communicate with the group, conduct meetings, and decide on a direction for the group. The final part of the article addresses the nuts and bolts of support group management--money issues, dealing with difficult people, and delegation.
Government Homeschool Programs Just Another Alternative? - The Third Great Lie
Chris Cardiff
We're from the government and we want to help you. This is one of the great lies of our society. It is assuming greater significance as homeschooling continues its astonishing growth. Government schools have been forced to respond to this threat to their virtual monopoly on education by establishing their own homeschool programs. Some families are grateful for these programs and rush to take advantage of them. There is no doubt that the state has constructed some good programs with attractive benefits for participating families - books, curriculum guidance, excellent resource teachers, reimbursement for materials, educational counseling, classes. And it's all free! Why not take advantage of it? Chris Cardiff discusses some of the pitfalls of these programs and the dangers they present to homeschooling freedoms.

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